The average female college grad gets a $35,000 starting salary - not much more than the typical borrower's student-debt load, report finds


  • The American Association of University Women compared women's student-debt burdens to their income.
  • Black women have more student debt than white women, highlighting the racial wealth gap.
  • AAUW recommended simplifying repayment options, which the Education Department is pursuing.

Americans hold a $1.7 trillion student-debt burden, but new data indicates that women bear a bigger portion of that burden, which is exacerbated by gender pay gaps.

The American Association of University Women, a nonprofit that advances equity for women, released a new report that found that among those taking out student loans, women borrowed an average of $31,276 while men borrowed an average of $29,720. Women also have more difficulty paying off those loans, given that women who graduate with a bachelor's degree expect to earn $35,338 their first year out of college - 81% of what men expect to earn, the report said, citing the latest available figures.


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