The US job market is about to turn into a giant science experiment - with millions of Americans as guinea pigs


  • Half of US states are cutting off enhanced unemployment benefits over the next few weeks.

  • This is going to throw millions of Americans into a real-world economic experiment that could hurt many people.

  • Biden and the federal government could step in, but America's misguided tradition of a hands of federal government is stopping them.

Partisan politics, Congress' legislative language, and interest group lobbying are about to turn America's 160 million workers into guinea pigs. We're all about to be part of a huge study on whether unemployment insurance keeps people out of the labor market.

The biggest variable in this 50-state experiment is the new unemployment benefits created during the pandemic. Republican governors in nearly two dozen states are rolling back key benefits that helped people through the downturn: expansions in unemployment insurance to workers not previously covered, increased length of coverage for unemployed workers, and topped-up weekly payments are some of the initiatives


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